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Birddy Smart Bird House

Birddy Smart Bird House

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Birddy is a smart bird house and the ultimate companion for bird lovers. With advanced AI bird recognition, live streaming, and time-lapse functions, it brings you closer to the captivating beauty of birds.

  • AI 1000+ bird species recognition
  • Time-lapse photography for capturing bird growth
  • Live streaming and two-way communication
  • Bird-friendly design with paired solar panel
  • Instant notifications for birds real-time updates
  • 1080p & 155° wide-angle with night vision
  • Dual storage method for added convenience

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Up to 1000+ Bird Recognition

Time-lapse Photography for More Cherished Moments

Dual Storage Methods

Hassel-free Cleaning Design

24/7 Live Streaming

Instant Notifications

1080p & 155° Wide-angle

Bird-friendly Design

World’s First Smart Bird House with Time-lapse Function

From the bird's first visit to the nesting until hatching, Birddy records and documents every precious stage inside the nest. These moments are woven into a captivating bird journey video, like a skilled storyteller, allowing you to discover the bird's secrets on your phone.

Identify, Learn, and Connect with Your Feather Friends

No more need for reference books or expert consultations when it comes to your new visitors! With the power of advanced AI, Birddy effortlessly identifies over 1000+ bird species, providing captivating and educational insights into their habits and intriguing facts.

Designed for Birds and Mother Nature

We prioritize every design detail, ensuring that the bird house aligns with the natural habits of birds. From carefully selected materials to thoughtful internal structure, Birddy provides a sanctuary for birds while seamlessly blending into their natural surroundings.

Three Layers of Wood Coatings

The upgraded coating technology provides increased protection against water, wood damage, fungal growth, and pollution.

Drainage System

The drainage system ensures a clean and hygienic environment for birds, preventing stagnant water and reducing the risk of diseases.


The ventilation design inside the nest provides optimal airflow, and ensures a fresh and comfortable living environment.

Pine Wood

Handcrafted with premium pinewood, it ensures long-lasting quality, while its rustic design style adds an exquisite touch to any backyard decor.

Interior Grooves

The interior grooves create a cozy and snug environment for nestlings, supporting their growth and development.

Multiple Entrance

With five entry size options, Birddy accommodates various bird species while deterring natural predators and larger birds from accessing the nest.

Be in the Know with Real-time Notifications

The powerful real-time notification ensures that you receive instant messages whenever the birds enter, eat, or leave the nest. Simply tap on the notifications to access the live monitoring feed, allowing you to stay always connected with your feathered friends.

1080p HD with 155° Fov

Thanks to the stunning 1080p resolution and an expansive 155-degree field of view, no detail inside the nest will escape your watchful gaze. From the vibrant plumage to the subtlest movements of their wings, Birddy unveils the hidden beauty of birds with unparalleled precision.

Infrared Night Vision

With its high-sensitivity sensor, Birddy's camera allows you to enable night vision mode easily. See in the dark with crystal-clear clarity.

*To ensure that the birds get rest at night, we do not recommend enabling the full-color night version. Birds, like people, cannot see or feel infrared light and are not bothered by it.

Enhanced ChatGPT Function

Integrated with the ChatGPT function, Birddy engages with you in real-time, acting as your intelligent bird Q&A expert, providing clear answers at your fingertips.

Large Battery Capacity & Continuous Solar Power Supply

Combining a powerful 7800 mAh battery with a convenient solar panel, Birddy provides an eco-friendly and self-contained power source for unlimited and uninterrupted birdwatching anywhere under the sun.

100m Connectivity with Optimized Antenna Design

Thanks to an optimized antenna nestled inside, the Birddy Smart Birdhouse provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection up to 100m(328 feet) away from your home network.

The data presented above are the outcomes of laboratory testing.

Cloud & SD Card Dual Storage

With two convenient storage options, Birddy allows you to effortlessly preserve your front-row view. Whether you choose to upload the vivid footage to the Cloud or save it directly to your SD card, your valuable content will be securely stored for safekeeping.

Three Mounting Methods

With two convenient storage options, Birddy allows you to effortlessly preserve your front-row view. Whether you choose to upload the vivid footage to the Cloud or save it directly to your SD card, your valuable content will be securely stored for safekeeping.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

Equipped with a convenient pull-out cleaning board, maintaining a fresh and hygienic nest is a breeze. Simply slide out the board to rinse bird droppings away with running water.

No Assembly Required

Forget about the complicated assembly with screws for hours and hours. What you see is what you get, and you can simply take the bird house out of the package and start using it immediately.

Bird Nesting Guide

When it comes to our beloved wild feathered friends searching for their ideal habitat, several factors must be considered. That's why we've developed a comprehensive bird nesting guide. By considering your location, we provide tailored recommendations that match the preferences of various bird species.

5 Entrance Size Tailored for Bird Diversity

Birddy Nest features two entrance sizes 38mm (1.5), 63mm (2.5) in the package and three optional entrance size(25mm (1), 28mm (1), 32mm (1.25”), ensuring a comfortable nesting experience for birds of all shapes and sizes.

  • Q: What is the difference between the traditional bird nest and the Reli Birddy Smart Bird House?

    The Birddy Smart Bird House offers a variety of features, including bird identification, time-lapse photography, three different installation methods, a solar power design, and much more. The best part is that you can closely observe the lives of birds, from nesting and hatching to watching young birds learn how to fly, anytime and anywhere.

  • Q: What types of birds is this birdhouse suitable for

    Our birdhouse is designed for small, omnivorous bird species that live near human settlements. We Have designed five different entrance sizes to accommodate various bird sizes as follows
    -2.5inch (63mm): Carolina Wren, Eastern BluebirdNorthern Flicker and so on.
    -1.5inch (38mm): Ash-throated Flycatcher, MountainBluebird, Violet-green Swallow and so on.
    -1.25inch (32mm): Prothonotary Warbler, JuniperTitmouse, Bewicks Wren and so on.
    -1.1 inch (28mm): Carolina Chickadee, Chestnut-backed Chickadee and so on.
    -1 inch (25mm): House Wren, Pygmy Nuthatch Brown-headed Nuthatch and so on.

  • Q: Will the radiation from the Birddy Smart BirdHouse cause harm to birds?

    No worries. First, we confirm that our product isA:harmless to the environment, humans, and other animals. In this regard, our product has passed relevant radiation certifications for electronic devices. It can even be used in bedrooms.Secondly, our product has an external antenna,which increases its transmission efficiency. As a result, compared to other electronic devices, our product achieves lower levels of radiation.

  • Q: Does the material used in Birddy Smart Bird Houses Pose any harm to humans or birds themselves?

    Our raw materials are certified and do not pose any harm to humans or birds. The bird nests we use are made from pine wood, ensuring their naturalness.We also apply non-toxic and odorless paint to enhance the durability of the product.

  • Q: What is the power supply of the Birddy Smart Bird House?

    We provide both battery and solar panel power options. In case the solar panel is detached or during cloudy days, with birds in the nest, the camera can operate consistently for over a month. Moreover, it only takes two sunny days to fully charge the camera using the solar panel. However, if there are no birds in the nest, the camera can usually remain on standby for up to five months.

  • Q: Can the HD camera record 24/7?

    The HD camera itself supports 24/7 recording.

  • Q:Does the Birddy Smart Bird House need Wi-Fi to work?

    Birddy generally needs to be used under Wi-Fi coverage, which allows users to view cloud-stored video and live broadcast information using mobile phones. If you use an SD card to store the video and do not need a smartphone to view the videos, the product can also be used without Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Q:How can I install the Birddy Smart Bird House?

    We provide three different installation options for the Birddy Smart Bird House: you can mount it on the wall using screws, strap it onto a tree with the strap mount, or effortlessly secure it on the ground using our pole.

  • Q: Can the structure of Birddy Smart Bird Prevent natural predators?

    Yes, our Birddy Smart Bird House has a smallA:entrance that is specially reinforced to effectively prevent larger birds from intruding. Additionallyour ground stake features a special design that effectively prevents invasion by squirrels, snakes and other crawling animals.

  • Q:Is there a monthly fee to use the app?

    Users do not need to pay for the smart app as it provides free video storage and live streaming services. At the same time, we offer users free membership services for two months, including 30 days of video cloud storage, AI identification (bird identification), and other services. Subsequent users can initiate a subscription and continue to use premium paid services.

  • Birddy Smart Bird House*1

  • Birddy Smart Bird House Camera*1

  • Mounting Screws & Anchors

  • Charging Cable*1

  • Solar Panel*1

  • Entrance Accessory*1 (38mm & 63mm)

  • Mounting Bracket*1

  • Cleaning Board*1

  • Screw Hole Positioning-card*1

  • Qucik Start Guide*1

  • A Guide to Bird Nesting*1

  • Frequently Asked Questions*1