About US

At Reli Technologies LLC, our profound passion for innovation and love for nature drive us forward. From the very inception of our flagship product, the Reli Light Cam Battery D1 which has combined the traditional security conception and wildlife ai identification,  our vision goes beyond the realm of typical security cameras, by seeing to observe, we hope to forge a path towards a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. By harnessing our expertise in camera hardware and AI technology, We strive to bridge the gap between humans and nature. The fusion of our prowess in camera hardware and the boundless potential of AI has allowed us to transcend limitations. Through our technology, we enable a deeper appreciation for the intricate tapestry of life that thrives in the natural world. 

The Reli Story

Reli Camera Series

Reli company's debut product, the Reli Light Cam Battery D1. By seamlessly combining traditional security elements with smart Al features, This product signifies Reli's venture into lnnovative fusion. Upon hitting the market in 2022, this product attracted considerable media attention and earned many praise from users and industry experts. Notably. lt secured the esteemed Winter Red Dot Award in the same year, further establishing its position as a noteworthy achievement for Reli Company.

Reli Birddy Series

Birddy Smart Bird House is Reli Company's second product and it stands as the inaugural item in Reli's new product line, the Birddy Series. This new product series showcases how Reli evolved from tech innovation to integrating tech with both people and nature. Using our know-how in smart camera hardware and Al algorithms, we aim to shift from" seeing" to "observing." In the future, we have plans for future releases like smart bird cages and intelligent birdfeeders. Reli wants to empower users with technology, allowing them to observe and understand nature and their bird friends better, wherever and whenever.

Reli Identity

Our Ambition

To be the global leader of smart home solutions provider.

Our Vision

We are committed to delighting users with innovative, high-quality and caring smart home devices and solutions to empower them to a smart life.


Our pursuit of quality permeate every idea, every pixel, and every word that goes into shaping how our users use and feel about our brand.

Our Values

-Users first
-Reliable safety
-Privacy protected
-Considerate design
-Innovation prioritized
-Uncompromising quality