Reli Exists to Redfine Interaction with Nature through Innovative Technology.
Our goal is to bring nature closer, enhancing living spaces with smart solutions that intuitively integrate with your daily life. Driven by a passion for sustainability and connectivity, our products not only respect but also enhance local wildlife and flora. As we explore the expanding possibilities of technology and nature combined, our initial offerings in smart hardware are just the beginning of this exciting journey.

Innovations Connecting You with Nature.

Our commitment is to bridge the gap between indoor comfort and the outdoor environment with smart solutions that encourade a Symbiotic relationship with nature. Every Reli product is a step towards a more nature-immersive experience, simplifying the integration of the natural world into our daily lives.

Caring for Nature Intelligently

We are obsessed with raising nature and smart home technology to a level that is beyond the “why should l want a nature-connected smart home question"; we enable nature-connected smart home to a better experience through the quality of the products we build and the experiences they enable.

Smart Up

Smart ideas, smart relationships, smart choices,is up to you; whatever products you use, we are here to enable and enhance thoses moments.

Individually, both “Smart” and “Up” carry posive connoatons in English. Placed together, they complement each other and bring to mind images of revolutionary, improving, and creativity.