Reli APP

Smart home, reliable friend

One App for All
& Share Devices with Ease

Effortlessly manage all your Reli devices using just one app, creating a seamless smart home experience. Additionally, Reli Home supports device sharing with up to 8 members, granting them instant access to see what you see.

Exclusive Reli Tag function.

— —The best way to record and view every footage

Videos and images will be automatically recorded by a Reli camrta device, while you can view them with only you care about the most by the Tag function. Unnecessary information and ordinary videos will not be showed to increase your checking time.

The ability to integrate into one control.

Whether you have installed multiple Reli devices, or a lot is happening around your home. The Tag function can integrate all the different videos into different tags. Instead of watching dozens of unrelated videos everyday, be prepared to view the important matters.

Always know who's there.

Thanks to its facial recognition technology, it precisely distinguishes between family members and strangers, while also automatically highlighting people you may know.

Packages, vehicles all included.

Reli Home will recognize packages in front of the door, and when an unauthorized person tries to take your package, the anti-theft alarm will be triggered, and an instant notification will be sent to your smart device.

Customizable detection at your hand.

Set up a detection zone with only the area you want to focus on the app, and movements outside the zone will not send out notifications to reduce false alarms.

Speak, yet in a different language.

When a Reli device recognizes an animal, you can chat with the them throug voice-changing function, and the app will convert your voice into that animal's sound, achieving communication without barriers.

Designed For Pet Parents

Once a pet enters a pre-set restricted area, the app will send out a notification, and you can communicate with them by voice. Or simply view the daily report on how long your pet ate, slept and played.

Identify, Learn, and Connect with
Your Feather Friends

No more need for reference books or expert consultations when it comes to your new visitors! With the power of advanced AI, Birddy effortlessly identifies over 1000+ bird species, providing captivating and educational insights into their habits and intriguing facts.

Get Updated of Your Feather Friends

Birddy can analyze and identify various bird activities, including their visits, nest-building, and instances of intrusion. No matter where you are, our app will provide timely reminders, ensuring that you never miss any important moments.

Bird Diary

Captured moments may not always be consistent, but you don't need to check each clip one by one. The Bird Diary function weaves together the remarkable moments of a day, presenting you with a complete and vivid video that makes you feel as if you were there.

One Tap Away from Sharing with the World

Share those incredible bird moments on social media or within our Birddy Community, enabling your friends and family to join in the experience together.