24/7 Bird Live Watching

Crystal-Clear 1080p

Bird-friendly Design

Multiple Mounting Methods

Adjustable Wide Angle Camera

Poe Wired Reliability

Observe The Birds Like Never Before

Meet Reli Birddy Nest - a revolutionary bird watching method that allows you to delve into the fascinating bird world from the comfort of your own space. Witness the entire journey of nesting, feeding, egg laying, and even hatching process and no longer spend long hours waiting for birds at designated spots or worry about missing precious moments.

Traditional Bird Watching Method

Bird Watching with Birddy Nest

Designed for Birds and Mother Nature

We prioritize every design detail, ensuring that the bird house aligns with the natural habits of birds. From carefully selected materials to thoughtful internal structure, Birddy provides a sanctuary for birds while seamlessly blending into their natural surroundings.

Three Layers of Wood Coatings

The upgraded coating technology provides increased protection against water, wood damage, fungal growth, and pollution.

Drainage System

The drainage system ensures a clean and hygienic environment for birds, preventing stagnant water and reducing the risk of diseases.


The ventilation design inside the nest provides optimal airflow, and ensures a fresh and comfortable living environment.

Pine Wood

Handcrafted with premium pinewood, it ensures long-lasting quality, while its rustic design style adds an exquisite touch to any backyard decor.

Interior Grooves

The interior grooves create a cozy and snug environment for nestlings, supporting their growth and development.

Multiple Entrance

With five entry size options, Birddy accommodates various bird species while deterring natural predators and larger birds from accessing the nest.

Discover the Hidden Beauty of Birds

With an up to 2K resolution and angle-adjustable camera, along with a paired 5-inch display, every small detail inside the nest is brought to life before your very eyes. Besides, you can control zoom in or zoom out through the control panel to observe their colorful feathers or the the subtle movement, Birddy lets you truly appreciate the hidden beauty of birds.

24/7 Real-Time Feed

In the dynamic world of birds, there's never a dull moment. With Birddy Nest's constant live feed, you will have a front-row seat to experience the daily life even the final egg hatching moment of birds and be a part of their growth journey.

Always Connected, Forever Conver

The built-in two-way voice channel allows you to listen to the bird chirping at any time and frighten away intruders when necessary.

No More Tangled Cables

Powered by Ethernet (PoE), say goodbye to complicated cable setups. Experience seamless power transmission for your Birddy Nest with just a single Ethernet cable. Embrace a smarter, eco-friendly solution today.

No Need For Wi-fi, Always Connected

Farewell to the Wifi limitations and Network latency, enabling you to maintain the smoothest network connection and enjoy seamless and delay-free viewing experiences.

100m Connectivity, Boundless Observation

With the ability to maintain a strong connection up to 100 meters (328 feet), Birddy allows you to place your birdhouse wherever you desire, ensuring a steady connection to the life of birds.

Three Mounting Methods

With three installation options, Birddy adapts to your needs. Choose elevated perches, freestanding convenience, or space-saving wall placement. Enjoy versatile installation solutions with Birddy.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

Equipped with a convenient pull-out cleaning board, maintaining a fresh and hygienic nest is a breeze. Simply slide out the board to rinse bird droppings away with running water.

No Assembly Required

Forget about the complicated assembly with screws for hours and hours. What you see is what you get, and you can simply take the bird house out of the package and start using it immediately.

Artwork Tailored to Your Backyard's Aesthetic

The Birddy Nest is more than just a functional bird house, it's a work of art for your outdoor space. Form and function are harmoniously combined in this smart architecturally designed birdhouse.

5 Entrance Size Tailored for Bird Diversity

Birddy Nest features two entrance sizes 38mm (1.5), 63mm (2.5) in the package and three optional entrance size(25mm (1), 28mm (1), 32mm (1.25”), ensuring a comfortable nesting experience for birds of all shapes and sizes.