Reli Light Cam Battery D1, observe nature and simplify security needs

Reli Light Cam Battery D1, observe nature and simplify security needs

Reli Light Cam Battery D1 is a spotlight camera and a portable camera that can be used to observe nature. Unlike cameras with basic security functionality, its mission is to simplify indoor and outdoor security needs.

In contrast with cameras designed solely for security purposes, it can explore the nature with the brand new animal identification system. Observe and interact with these "unexpected visitors" like never before when they show up in front of the camera. With a HD 1080p image resolution and 156° wide-angle view to secure indoor and outdoor home safety, plus the hassle free installation method, allows users to stay connected to their home from anywhere via live video and audio.

Reli Light Cam Battery D1 can also support yards, walls, indoor placement or any other places you want, there is always an option for you with different stands allowing you to see views you didn't know about.

With smart facial recognition and advanced privacy protection, D1 can remember every family member’s facial information and send notification, allowing non-registered visitors to be recorded, while every footage is being held in the cloud or via micro-SD card and only the users can review.

Complete with a machine learning motion detection to record every time when there is a visitor, vehicle, animal or any selected movement is happening. Allowing the householders to check the status of the front door 24/7 while away or unavailable. Meanwhile, its IP65 weatherproofing supports as low as -30℃ or -22℉ and protects from dusts, and long-time raining. Leverages security control functions that are suitable for all age groups, ensuring indoor and outdoor security is essential and easy to get.


Can it really observe animals and wildlife?

Yes! Try it and find out more yourself!

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